Hello, and welcome to Barbless Hook Company

Its probably fair to say that Fishing is not just a pastime for me but a passion that has taken me all over the World in pursuit of my second love…..Brown Trout.

(My first love will be reading this later)

Following a successful fishing career which has seen me represent Scotland at World, European, Loch Style, River and Stillwater Internationals over the past 20 years I became interested in some of the products available to me.

About 6 years ago while on a trip to Asia my wife, Alison and I, visited one of the World’s leading Hook manfacturers.

The Owner became a good friend and I started to get some hooks from him and he was very interested in my feedback.

As a result I have tried and tested these hooks on some very serious Rainbow and Brown trout, not just here in Scotland, but all over Europe and New Zealand where they have been put through their paces.

I now use these Barbless Hooks exclusively and they have not let me down.

As part of the trialling process I gave these hooks out to some of the best River, Loch and International Fly Fishermen I know and they have all endorsed them and now look to me for supplies.

I have included some photos of Trout that have been caught using these Hooks.


Both of the above trout were caught on dries using the BHC102 Heavy Dry Hook. You can see the pace of the water in the second photo and that fish put up an incredible fight…

As I write this I am incredibly lucky to be preparing to head off to Tasmania to again represent Scotland at this year’s World Championships where all my flies have been tied on the Hooks on our website.

I will post photos soon of flies tied on our hooks, not just by me, but by some of the guys I was talking about earlier.